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Trading House KAMA sells all-steel tyres manufactured on the advanced equipment at Nizhnekamsk All Steel Tyre plant. Tried and trusted technologies of world class, close collaboration with European engineers and strict quality control at each stage of production ensure the highest quality of all-steel KAMA tyres which are popular with leading Russian and global automotive companies.

All-steel KAMA tyre is the best choice for any type of commercial transport. Carefully adjusted steel structure of belt and carcass helps to increase strength and service life of all-steel KAMA tyre, reduce its deformation, as well as provide a possibility of regrooving. All these things save you money on both buying and maintaining tyres. The combination of high quality and affordable price in its segment makes the tyre an ideal option for owners of a large fleet of vehicles. You can buy all-steel KAMA tyres both at brand trading platforms and with official dealers.

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