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Tyre Marking. Decoding

Passenger Car Tyre Marking

The sidewall marking of passenger car tyres contains all the necessary information for choosing tyres by your car model, driving style, road conditions, etc. In addition to key features, you can also find there such important info as the season – summer, winter (studded or non-studded) and all-season.

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Light Truck Tyre Marking

The markings of light truck tyres and passenger car tyres has the same set of symbols, however, when you choose a tyre you should pay attention to the certain parameters that are key for decoding of light truck tyre marking.

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Heavy Truck Tyre Marking

The heavy truck tyre marking contains all necessary information you need to choose a tyre for any vehicle and any conditions of usage. When decoding truck tyre marks, special attention should be paid to the load index (it may be given for a single and dual tyres separately), and materials the tyre is made of, its carcass, and a number of belt layers.

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All-Steel Tyre Marking

The all-steel and heavy truck tyre markings are similar, but the former contains its own unique information as well. The all-steel tyre marking has the mark “AllSteel” and/or “REGROOVABLE” - the latter means that it can be retreaded, when it is highly worn out. The retreaded all-steel tyre also gets a specific mark - for example, KaMaRetread with a certificate number.

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Agricultural and Specialty Vehicle Tyre Marking

The specialty tyre marking may have information, which is typical only for giant specialty tyres, and not for any other tyres, even heavy truck ones. Agricultural and specialty tyres differ primarily for what kind of specialty vehicles they are designed for.

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