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19 April 2017
Disadvantages: Cross slip on the ice (in sharp turns you need dropping speed). Too much noisy (pulsating noise) on the asphalt at a speed over 60. Advantages: Price. Good gripping on icy or "snow packed" road at near zero and frost. It brakes great on all surfaces. Not bad on sleety road Bosco S/T
15 November 2017
Disadvantages: General stock shortage of the tyres, so you are lucky, if you find it Advantages: Quiet, excellent handling, good gripping, great snow performance, almost perfect balancing capability (we put no more than 20 – 30 weights on a wheel, and it was a wheel that more likely caused it
Bobrov Vyacheslav Vettore
12 July 2017
Advantages: Durability, quality of studs, grip, it holds great on icy surface (even when cornering), braking capabilities are more than good. Disadvantages: It’s fine with me. Comments: I have been using these tyres for a second winter season and I like it. The tyres are quite durable and strong. Grippy. Good tyres for such price
Egorov Sergey Strada Asimmetrico
12 July 2017
Advantages: Reliable grip with asphalt surface. No aquaplaning. It brakes well and absorbs shocks of bumps on the road. An adequate price. Disadvantages: There was a small noise, but it was not too annoying. Comments: My first impressions are rather positive. The tyres made my driving very reliable. I did not notice any signs of aquaplaning. The tyres behave rather predictably in the rain. Affordable and high-quality tyre is what you need.
23 June 2017
<p> I work in a warehouse. Last year, we changed tyres on the loader. The former tyres were just awful. We chose KAMA. Good tyres. Before, I just had to sneak along the ramp, but now I move in and go down without any problem even on icy sites. When I move outside in winter, I do not slip in snowdrifts. The tyres of high quality, in sum. When you work on a loader almost every day, you feel all the nuances. </p>
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