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First Results of Non-Stop KAMARETREAD Tyres Operation


Kazan and St. Petersburg branches of Delovye Linii Group, the largest transport and logistics operator in Russia, summed up the results of the tests of the retreated all-steel KAMARETREAD tyres. Their road trains are equipped with retreaded tyres on KAMA carcasses of 315/70R22.5 size with three different tread patterns designed for long-distance and regional trucking – UD2, U729, and UD2L. The products got the first retreading at KaMaRetread, a plant of KAMA TYRES Complex.

The tyres were installed in November 2018 for two road trains of non-stop express delivery and a road train of standard cargo delivery. At the beginning of April, the first results of the actual mileage of KAMARETREAD tyres were obtained. Tyres on leading axle of express delivery road trains with UD2 tread patterns covered 142,197 km and with U729 – 142,892 km. On a road train of standard delivery the tyres with the UD2L tread pattern covered 69,234 km.

The expected mileage of all-steel KAMARETREAD tyres with the UD2 pattern is 345,336 km, U729 – 321,507 km, and UD2L – 259,628 km.

“The results of the tests have only proved the quality and durability of KAMARETREAD tyres. Our products are almost equal with new tyres on characteristics, and their increased mileage and the cost of retreading make them the best choice for the fleet,” said Andrey Bouton, Acting CEO at Kama Trading House.

KaMaRetread Ltd., a joint company of TATNEFT and Marangoni S.p.A. (Italy), is one of the largest plants for cold all-steel truck tyres retreading in Russia. It is equipped with the state-of-the art Italian production lines of Marangoni S.p.A. Tread strips and materials of high quality used in tyre retreading are also supplied by its Italian partner. The production process has four stages of input quality control – in the process of checking carcasses of all-steel tyres, as well as output quality control. The product range consists of 37 items of 16 sizes for 17.5 to 24 inches rim.

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