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Expansion of KAMARETREAD Tyre Range


KaMaRetread Ltd, a plant of KAMA TYRES Complex, has started retreading all-steel tyres of a 17.5-inch rim. KAMARETREAD tyres of 235/75R17.5 and 245/70R17.5 sizes with the D2LW tread pattern are now available for ordering. The company is about to add to its range 215/75R17.5 tyre with the UT2 pattern. Both treads are designed for regional trucking.

In 2019, KAMA TYRES plans to expand the range of KAMARETREAD tyres significantly and start retreading tyres of 17-19.5 inches rim for driving axles of LCVs. The expansion of the product range will increase the share of KAMA TYRES in this segment of the tyre market.

“We see increased demand for the all-steel tyre retreading, both from private car owners and large enterprises. Thus, by the end of 2018, we increased our sales of KAMARETREAD tyres by 37%, while the claims were of about 0.5%. Products of KaMaRtread are almost equal with new tyres on characteristics, but are more profit-making — the consumer can save about 40%. And the high quality is confirmed by positive feedback from our customers and sales growth,” said Andrey Bouton, Acting CEO at Kama Trading House.

Currently, KaMaRetred, one of the largest plants for cold all-steel truck tyres retreading in Russia. produces 37 items, 16 sizes for 17.5 to 24 inches rim. The tyres are mainly used for urban, regional or long-distance trucking as well as city passenger transportation, and on roads of mixed type. The tyres are designed for driving and trailed axles.

KaMaRetread Ltd., a joint company of TATNEFT and Marangoni S.p.A. (Italy). It is equipped with the state-of-the art Italian production lines of Marangoni S.p.A. Tread strips and materials of high quality used in tyre retreading are also supplied by its Italian partner. The production process has four stages of input quality control – in the process of checking carcasses of all-steel tyres, as well as output quality control.

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