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KAMA TYRES Is Implementing Industrial Cyber Security System


Nizhnekamsk SSC Tyre Factory (KAMA TYRES Complex) is implementing a security system for critical infrastructures and industrial equipment. The project is based on a specialized solution of Kaspersky Industrial CyberSecurity for Nodes, which is deployed with support of Umnye Reshenya Group, a platinum partner of Kaspersky Lab.

It is important for the professionals of KAMA TYRES Complex to have high tyre quality, intellectual property protection and continuity of the technological process. The company has been facing the task of ensuring reliable protection of industrial infrastructure from cyber threats and increasing the reliability of production automation in general since the day of launching Nizhnekamsk SSC Tyre Factory.

The products of Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business have been used in the corporate network of the tyre complex. A foreign counterpart had been previously used to protect the industrial network. Experts of Umnye Reshenya Group have carried out testing procedures, which resulted in developing a project plan for protecting the automated process control system network, which was subsequently successfully implemented.

Specialized trainings have also been organized for the professionals of Nizhnekamsk SSC Tyre Factory in the process of implementing the Kaspersky products, which taken together allowed forming a systematic approach to ensuring the industrial cybersecurity and reliable protection of the automated production of SSC KAMA and KAMA TYRES.

Nizhnekamsk SSC Tyre Factory, a part of KAMA TYRES Complex, is one of the largest enterprises in Russia and the CIS producing high-quality KAMA and KAMA PRO all-steel truck tyres. The enterprise has been built on the basis of the world best practices, therefore the Nizhnekamsk SSC Tyre Factory is an example of a modern high-tech enterprise in the Russian tyre industry.

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