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KAMA TYRES Is Ready To Join Tyre Labelling Experiment


KAMA TYRES Complex plans to join the tyre labelling and tracing experiment, executed by Advanced Technologies Center (ATC). Under the joint project, its participants are planning to test all available marking technologies and various alternative identification facilities (2D barcode labels, engravings, RFID tags).

According to the approved model of the product labeling system in the Russian Federation, product codes are generated on the basis of the GS1 identification system and “unique product instance codes” (see the Order of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 797-p dated 04.28.2018). The enterprises of KAMA TYRES Complex have got GS1 (GTIN) codes for all tyre models produced. Also, the Complex does a lot to assign individual serial numbers to its tyres, and collaborate with the National Catalog, which is needed for the unique identification of goods.

“KAMA TYRES’ enterprises have been among the first to join the experiment, and we hope that our experience will be useful for other tyre manufactures, and help them to make transition to mandatory labeling in the most efficient way. During the pilot, we expect to find the best solution for tyre labeling, which will not increase the cost of our products. This is a key question both for us and the project operator,” said Andrey Bouton, Chief Marketing Officer at Kama Trading House.

ATC is actively working with manufacturers, importers, distributors and retailers of both tyres and soft goods. Some work and expert groups consisted of the main stakeholders of these industries were founded on the basis of professional associations, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the RF and the Centre. Together with the business, the best options for adapting the labeling and tracing system to the specifics of the industries are determined and the guidelines are made.

“We’ve run laboratory tests for all promising labeling methods (with DataMatrix code, RFID chip or direct application), and now we’re ready for the research work on the labeling of tyres, tubes and other products of this group on the sites of the work group members,” the ATC’s press service reported.

RFID technologies for tyre labeling are widely used abroad. With RFID tags well-known global tyre manufacturers plan to develop and implement efficient monitoring systems to save operating costs, as well as to improve transportation (incl. passenger) safety. But the use of RFID tags is limited due to the high price of such solutions, as well as a number of administrative and technical problems, including the maturity of international standards for use of such tags.

However, good results of the test and infrastructure availability can make this method of labeling to be one of the most promising in Russia.

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