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Interim Test Results for KaMaRetread Tyres


In August and December 2017 KamaReTread sent prospective customers some sets of retreaded tyres for testing. According to the interim results at April 2018, Kamaretread DA4S tyres of 275/70 R22.5 size on all-steel KAMA tyre carcasses performed great.

Two sets of four Kamaretread DA4S tyres were installed on the driving axle of municipal passenger buses in Nizhnekamsk and Kazan. It should be noted that the driving conditions for the products of KaMaRetread in these cities are significantly different in quality of the road surface as well as in intensity and schedule of transport routes.

The real mileage of Kamaretread DA4S tyres, used since August 2017 on the NEFAZ-5299-30-31 bus of Nizhnekamsk PATP, is 65,400 km, and the tyre wear rate - 49% (8.7 mm of the initial tread). The mileage of tyres installed in December of last year on the NEFAZ-5299-30-32 bus of Kazan PATP No. 4 is 44,200 km, and the tyre wear rate - 24% (13 mm of the initial tread). The rated tread depth of the tested tyres is 17 mm.

“As a result, the expected mileage of the retreaded tyres installed on the bus in Nizhnekamsk can be up to 120 thousand km, and those tested in Kazan - up to 190 thousand km. These figures are great even for new all-steel tyres of any brand used in standard specification for municipal buses. And we keep testing the tyres,” said Rustem Mukhlisov, Head of All Steel Tyres Promotion Department at Kama Trading House.

KaMaRetread is a modern plant for cold all-steel truck tyres retreading using the latest technology, which significantly extends their life and age. Since May 2018, the warranty period for retreaded tyres has been increased up to 2 years, and it only confirms the great quality of the products that makes it be highly competitive with new tyres.

“The test results only prove that retreaded and new tyres have nearly the same mileage. But, KaMaRetread products are more profit-making and provide highly reliable grip and safe driving,” said Andrey Bouton, Chief Marketing Officer at Kama Trading House.
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