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Where to buy KAMA tyres in and Uzbekistan change region

The best way to keep confident about the quality of the product and all guarantees the manufacturer gives, is to buy KAMA tyres from official distributors and independent dealers.

The KAMA distribution network is represented in Moscow, which gives customers the opportunity to avoid risks to buy product counterfeiting, but real KAMA tyres, and get professional advice on the product range and the specifics of tyre usage.

The authorized representatives of Trading House KAMA will answer any questions, inform you about the novelties and explain all the advantages of KAMA tyres, and help you to choose the best tyre for your car at affordable price. For details, please, call the toll-free hotline: 8 800 100 12 72.

Respublika Azerbaydzhan, g. Baku, Yasamal'skiy rayon, Zahid Halilov, dom 11A, kvartal 523 kv.12.
+10 (998) 66-666-52-14
mail: -Furkat - Sarhad
Respublika Uzbekistan,  Samarkandskaya oblast',  Taylyakskogo rayona, v selo Kurgoncha.
+998 66 666 52 14
Uzbekistan, g. Tashkent, ul. Uchtepinskiy rayon, ul. Istirohat, d.1
+10 998 98 360 33 33, el,adesa

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