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KaMaRetread, LLC

KaMaRetread, LLC is one of the largest plants for cold retreading of all-steel tyres in Russia. It was founded in 2015 jointly with the Italian partner Marangoni SpA. Establishment of the tyre retreading facility was the final component of TATNEFT's program to develop a new class of all-steel truck tyres.

Cold retreading allows making maximum use of all-steel carcass of Kama tyres that considerably extends the service life as well as improves such key characteristics for truck tyres as durability and reliability. All-steel KAMA tyres are retreaded on the most advanced equipment using the latest technologies. Each retreaded all-steel tyre goes through four stages of quality control, including incoming and final checks.

The company offers customers both to retread their used all-steel tyres and to buy already retreaded tyres, which in terms of quality and reliability are virtually equal to the new ones. Retreaded tyres also have a 1-year warranty. The product range consists of 26 commodity items of 11 sizes.

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