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Efficiency of all-steel KAMA tyres in figures

All-steel KAMA tyre is a more profitable bargain, both in comparison with Chinese or other Asian competitors, and more high-priced tyres. Our products rival the more high-priced tyres in quality, and their maintenance and upgrading costs make them to be 1.5-2 times more profitable than cheap truck tyres. Such thing as long tyre life before and after regrooving and some other nuances provide it.

The fuel efficiency is an issue worth to be mentioned. All-steel KAMA tyres are constantly tested in the field right from the very start of production. It allows one to analyse and draw particular conclusions about certain parameters of the product and make appropriate adjustments and improvements to the projects. Numerous tests involving various trucks under actual usage conditions and with regular loading have already shown an average 15% fuel saving when all-steel KAMA tyres are used. So, a truck saved more than 100 thousand RUR on fuel for almost 100 thousand km per year. The figures are great — a fleet of 50 trucks can save up to 6.5 million RUR annually.

We should add also some saving on the tyres themselves. After all, all-steel KAMA tyre with regrooving and retreading can be used for up to 500 thousand km. If a manufacturer follows right retreading technologies and uses materials of high quality, a retreaded tyre equals a new one in terms of quality and conditions of use. The field tests also confirmed it. In particular, the retreaded 385/65R22.5 NT 201 tyre on the TONAR semitrailer had a little tread wear after driving for more than 90 thousand km.

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