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Viatti tyres

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Viatti tyres are manufactured at the facilities of TATNEFT’s tyre complex using exclusive German technology and Italian design. Fully automated production process excludes human interference, allowing to achieve a sustainable high quality in the entire product line.

In development and production the manufacturer takes into account the specifics of Russian roads and climate to make Viatti tyre to be tailored for use in Russia.


A product of European level at a competitive price.

The tyres have been homologated at Volkswagen, Skoda, Ford plants.

The production process includes quality control in every step of the process in compliance with International standards.

A special formula of compound that combines natural and synthetic rubber makes the tyre be soft enough, but durable and elastic.

Special technology VRF (variable rigidity of the framework) allows the tyre to adapt to the road surface and speed, and keep comfort and smooth riding.

The Hydro Safe V system is designed to enhance slushplaning resistance.

The tyre’s designers took into account the specifics of the Russian climate with sharp changes in temperature and humidity and made the tire optimal for the Russian roads.

Viatti tyres are exported to more than 40 countries around the world

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