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* AUTOVAZ, Volkswagen, Skoda, Ford


KAMA EURO tyres have been produced since 2004 based on the technology of the world's leading tyre manufacturer, and only from the raw materials, it has approved. The tyres are designed using computer-aided simulation methods, which it allows giving them necessary consumer properties as early as the project phase.

All operations – mixing of rubber compounds, assembly, curing and others – are made on the most advanced automated production lines of the world's leading manufacturers with constant quality control, that reduce the risk of human interference. Due to high quality and reliability, KAMA EURO tires are approved for OE deliveries to such leading Russian and foreign automotive companies as AVTOVAZ, Volkswagen, Skoda, and Ford.


The latest tyre production technology purchased from the world's leading manufacturer

The tyre construction meets the latest requirements for tyre products

Innovative technologies for the production of semi-finished materials and components for the future tyres from rubber compounds of various properties in our own mixing room using several modes

Having a tread base with low hysteresis losses in the tyre construction allows to increase significantly absorption of impacts and blows when riding, improve stability and handling of the vehicle, as well as reduce the braking distance

Applying a new formulation of rubber compounds and structural materials has reduced the weight of the tyre on the average by 10-11%

A three-layered tread made of a mixture of natural and solution-type rubbers with a high content of silica and silane remains elastic and high wear resistant throughout its entire life.

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Tyre reviews

Aston-Martin КАМА EURO-224
24 June 2017
<p> I used these tyres. They are soft and low noise, though I can hardly compare them with anything else, because before I used a kind of trash, I do not remember the name of it. After it KAMA EURO-224 looked like a foreign tyre! </p>
DenisAleksandrovich КАМА EURO LCV-520
4 July 2017
I bought them for my rear wheel drive SOBOL. They perform well on asphalt and snow as well as on ice in the corners. After Yokohama Ice Guard (used on two cars of different brands) these tyres are simply great. I like how they behave on the road. The only negative thing (however it is subject to all rear-wheel drive cars) is that your hull back should be loaded enough to avoid slicking)))
23 June 2017
<p> Good day dear readers. </p> <p> I decided to buy low-budget tyres. This time I needed studded ones. </p> <p> I chose KAMA, because many friends of mine had already used such tyres. Besides, I saw cars with such tyres in my neighborhood very often. </p> <p> I’ve ridden on these tyres for a winter. They hold the road well. No more than 6 studs have been dropped for the season. On the icy or slushy roads, the tyres brake well, no complaints. </p> <p> I have ran the tyres for about 500 km. And I advise everyone to do it. Perhaps it has helped saving studs in some way. </p> <p> Steering is good. You ride on a snow-capped and icy hill without problems. Noise within the norm. Well, it is not too annoying. The speed on the highway is within 100 kmh. However, when you drive into the potholes, you should be careful, because, it is very hard; on other tyres such things were not so tough. </p> I recommend these low-budget tyres. 
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