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Today nobody argues the advantages of an all-steel truck tyre over the traditional ones. Fuel efficiency and reinforced steel structure of belt and carcass makes the all-steel tyre to be the best choice for any type of trucks or passenger vehicles. The profitability and saving on of both buying and maintaining is in general the main reason for choosing this tyre, especially in case of a large fleet of vehicles.

The quality and reliability of the products are as good as the more expensive competitors have, that cuts the inevitable tyre maintenance expenditures, including those on their upgrading and regrooving of worn tread.


One of the main indicators is an extended (on almost 20%) life of all-steel KAMA tyres. The enlarged tread layer increases strength and durability of the tyre.

A special triangular construction of the belt’s wireframe minimizes tyre deformation, as well as ensures fuel saving up to 5%.

All-steel Kama tyres are developed with a great focus on fuel efficiency, since this is one of the most important criteria for cargo and passenger transportation as well as for works involving the use of specialty vehicles, which can be crucial for a customer when making a choice. In particular, in KAMA tyres, this is achieved by reducing rolling resistance with Air-Keep technology, which allows keeping the internal inflation pressure at the same level for the required time.

All-steel KAMA tyre has the best self-cleaning tread in its class, with increased protection against punctures and shock loads due to a completely new geometry of the grooves.

The possibility to retread all-steel tyres also by regrooving technique allows extending their life and, thus, save money on new tyres, that makes economic sense especially when you have a large fleet

Efficiency of all-steel KAMA tyres in figures

All-steel KAMA tyre is a more profitable bargain, both in comparison with Chinese or other Asian competitors, and more high-priced tyres. Our products rival the more high-priced tyres in quality, and their maintenance and upgrading costs make them to be 1.5-2 times more profitable than cheap truck tyres. Such thing as long tyre life before and after regrooving and some other nuances provide it.

KaMaRetread: KAMA all-steel retreading

Reliability and durability are key advantages of all-steel truck tyres over traditional ones. A specific construction of the tyre where both the belt and the carcass are made of steel increases its strength. The possibility of retreading ensures cost effectiveness and long life of the tyre. These nuances together with affordable price and ease of maintenance make the all-steel tyres the premier choice for owners and drivers of the wide range of trucks and passenger vehicles, especially when you have a large fleet. KAMA all-steel tyre is a revolutionary product on the Russian market, primarily, for its technological parameters, meeting all current Russian and world standards, while it is more affordable and available than similar tyres of the world brands. The tyre complex of TATNEFT has launched a plant for retreading all-steel truck tyres in Nizhnekamsk. It was founded jointly with the Italian partner - Marangoni. Since 2017, the plant has reached the design capacity of 35,000 tyres per year.

Tyre size table

Marking and classification of the All-steel tyres

sphere of application
Highway / 1
Local / 2
City / 3
Winter / 5
Стройка / 7
Front axle
N F 1 01
N F 2 01
N F 2 01+
N F 2 02
N F 5 01
N F 7 01
Rear axle
N R 1 01
N R 2 01
N R 2 02
N R 5 01
N R 7 01
Trailer axle
N T 1 01
N T 2 01
N T 2 02
N T 2 02+
N T 7 01
N U 3 01
N U 7 01
01 - model serial number

Catalogue of tyre models

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